Our Story

Our goat adventure began in 2011 on our farm in Moscow, Idaho. With family allergies to cows’ milk, we wanted a quality goat milk source. We started with two purebred registered Oberhasli does that we named Marigold and DaisyMae. Today, we have twelve Oberhasli goats! Eight does and four doelings – born March 2015-, all named with flower names, and one buck named “Bart” and a new buck named “Ernie.” Buck came already named but is quite kind and gentle, in spite of not having a flower name. The hubby named Ernie and after  transporting Ernie home from southern Idaho in the front seat of his truck, we agreed that he had every right to name the new buck anything he wanted!

Oberhasli goats came from Bern, Switzerland and were once known as the Swiss Alpine. They are hardy, can tolerate extreme hot and cold temperatures. Goats have personality-plus and we quickly fell in love with them. Oberhaslis are typically quiet, but alert and smart with gentle, friendly temperaments. They are some of our young son’s favorite playmates. The boy and goats entertain each other for hours! And, they, in turn, entertain the rest of the family!


In 2012, our first and only kid that year was born…a doe we named Tulip. She was a singleton, weighing 9 lbs! What excitement; however, our excitement grew the following year when we had four kids born! Dandelion, or Dandy for short, was our only buckling. He is now a pack goat in southern Idaho. The other three kids were does and we have kept them for future breeding and milk production. We have Poppy, Tansy, and Buttercup now!

Seven goat kids were kidded here at our farm in March 2015…five doelings and two bucklings.  Three were sold to quality homes where all  will be pack goats and pets.  The other four doelings…Edelweiss, Violet, Lilac, and Ebony Rose… will stay here and increase our herd size.  We will produce more milk for our growing customer base and, of course, keep making lots of soap!   It is such a busy time, but loads of fun! We bottle-feed our babies goat milk and they are very affectionate!  It is fun to see the different personalities emerge.  Lilac is our hospitality goat and greets all newcomers, usually with a kiss.  Violet loves her bottle…Edelweiss is a lady through and through while Ebony Rose for the longest time only wanted to drink her bottle while snuggled in your lap!

So, with plenty of goats, kids, and fresh goat milk around, our soap making adventure continues!