Humble or Houdini?

Our Jersey calf, born at the end of August, was named Humble by our youngest in honor of some local delicious burgers. However, over this past weekend, he needs to be renamed Houdini. He is a smart one and managed to escape not once, not twice, but four times! Obviously, he was smarter than we were as we thought we found the weak link in the fence, he found another one. But he never wandered far … he visited our front porch, jumped with joy around the bull’s pasture, and then meandered up the hill towards the neighbors. He was not anxious being apart from his mother; and, to be honest, it seemed she was enjoying the break. Our son woke up Saturday morning with Humble peering in his bedroom window … no snooze button was required! But now the electric fence has been reworked and fixed. Houdini, I mean Humble, has stayed in his pasture for the past 36 hours. Success? Time will tell.

Our little Houdini Jersey steer … “Catch me if you can!”

Humble as Houdini 11-20-15


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