Goat Pens!

Just in time for our crazy winds and severe storm tonight here in the Northwest … my goats are spending their very first night in the new barn with lots of fresh straw on top of stall mats, hay to slowly munch and fresh water with a splash of apple cider vinegar to top it off.  That is a satisfying feeling; although, I’m hoping the barn weathers this first storm  without damage. Daylight will reveal any to be seen.  But sitting here in front of the fire, I’m thankful to have this dream become reality: We have a barn!close-up-goats-in-the-barn1

Tansy and Marigold seem to like their new space and to celebrate they had some homemade goat cookies to celebrate!

But it wasn’t easy. This barn has been in the works for over two years and earlier this year it was put on hold. A few months later it was slowly started again. Last week the outside was finished enough so I could start on the interior. A friend and I worked for several hours building the goats pens, repurposing wooden pallets. They make wonderful goat fences and gates! We were able to create three separate pens with pallet gates that match up with their outside doors to a covered lean-to. I mean, these goats are now living in style! (Don’t let them know, but actually I am, as chores will be so much easier to do, especially in bad weather. And the luxury of milking in this barn, oh my!)inside-barn-before-pens1

Above, this shows the space before we started creating pens using pallets.making-goat-pens1

Those translucent panels between the two roof lines are one of my favorite features of the barn. It lets in so much natural light that no electric lights are needed during the day! Next up is the other side of the barn … coops and pens for my ducks and chickens. And there will still be oodles of space down the middle for those temporary kidding pens come spring for those darling goat babies!

But tomorrow more goat milk soap needs to be made and maybe some Jersey yogurt … love this farm life!goats-in-the-barn1

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